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Split Battens

Our products were developed following many years of experience in the architectural sign industry. Through this experience, we saw a need for a series of flexible sign systems that could be easily changed and updated as required.

Accordingly we have developed the SignLink Split Batten range which provides an ideal mounting mechanism for a wide range of wall mounted items. These include but not limited to: decorative timber-panels, cabinets, mirrors, signage, shelving and joinery products.

A major benefit of the SignLink Split Batten system is the advantage of being able to readily hang and remove heavy items without causing undue wall damage.

SignLink Split Battens are all aluminium robust extrusions, capable of supporting heavy items. The benefits of these innovative systems are;

  • Allows installation to be done with the minimal of manpower and time

  • Minimises the mounting distance off wall

  • Shadow line reduced

  • Weather resistant characteristics of the aluminium makes the SignLink Split Batten system suitable for both internal and external use

  • Secure hanging systems allow items to be removable or permanently fixed preventing theft.